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Cyberwarfare Used At The Start Of War

Term of the month: Cyberwar Is a war conducted using computers and the networks connecting them. The main targets are usually military or government networks but civilian targets might get caught in the crossfire of large scale attacks. The main goal of a cyberwar is to disrupt, destroy or deny of use the systems most important to regular functioning.


BRIEF UPDATE A large majority of the most important news stories for this month are from the last few days. Since the start of the war by Russia against Ukraine there has been an increase of cyber-attacks targeting Ukraine and in more recent days the emergence of a resistance force of freelance hacker groups who target Russia. The hacks against Russia vary from rather simple DDoS attacks against Russian news channels to more complicated attacks like the yet unconfirmed report that the Moscow Stock Exchange was taken down by a hacker in addition to the website of Sberbank the largest lender in the country. With the start of the physical attack from Russia emerged a new threat in the form of the Cyclops Blink malware found by researches a sophisticated and advanced malware developed to extract files and execute commands from the attacker. Also on the day of the attack Ukraine saw a large wave of WIPER attacks targeting government agencies. While the responsible actor has not been yet identified it can be assumed that it was a part of the strategy of the Russian war effort. Since the cyber domain has become very active in the last few days and will stay active for the foreseeable future we highly suggest being extra careful in both the business and personal habits to not become a target of an attack either directly or indirectly.



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